BEA Question

For the Build Environment Analysis, do we need to do our research on one of the 2 places we did our BED’s on? How can we find other student’s BED’s to use as sources in our BEA?

Class Notes 2/27/17

Class Notes 2/27/17   Accessibility: take in consider how visual disabilities can have trouble understanding what is going on.   BED 2 is due on Friday. Make sure you revise over them because that was one of your weakest errors. Make sure it is complex and...

Class Notes 2/20/17

NOTES 02/20/2017   Reading Responses:   Do the annotations, -raising the question then answer it using the text. Each annotation is organized around an important problem in the text and you need to link together the readings.   I looked over my personal...

Mid-Term Conference

My conference is Wednesday February 22 at 10:30 How can do I post sensory media to my blog post? How do I add posts or pages to categories? How can I improve my Reading Response 1?